Journeys & Expeditions Videos - Juan Carlos Yáñez Choquehuanca
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Angel Falls / Venezuela

This was a one hour flight over the incredible rock formations called: "Tepuyes", the northern most end of the Andes.
Angel Falls are the highest waterfall in the globe, falling for nearly 01 km from the top of one of these Tepuyes. The flight is highly recommended!!!
At the 1 minute 17 seconds this clip, I made a caption of a fallen aircraft: This aircraft is the one used by "Jimmie Angel" (the person this falls were named after) first westerner to see the falls in 1933.
In 1937 Jimmy and his 3 passengers set on this Flamingo monoplane to land atop of the falls ... it was more a crash landing, wheels became bogged down in marshy ground and flying home was no longer an option.

Flight over Angel FallsVenezuela